I periodically create "graphic blog posts," related to the use of technology in education, math, or education in general.

03 February 2011

My Twitterish EduCon Take Away

I attended EduCon 2.3 last weekend at the Science Leadership Academy in Philadelphia. It was an excellent experience. Hundreds of motivated, interesting, forward-thinking educators discussion ideas in education. This edition of my periodic cartoon posts consists of a quote or thought from each session I attended. Kind of like Tweets, but in a cartoon format. Hope you like it. Feel free to comment.


  1. What a cool way to share your experience, Jeff! And this totally makes me want to play with bitstrips, too! I've also added your post to the archive at http://bit.ly/educon23archive. (If you have a Twitter handle and I just missed it, the archive is editable by anyone.)

  2. Hi Shelley - I am glad you like it; I have a lot of fun doing these strips. I hope you had a chance to explore my others on the blog.

    I went into the archive and put my twitter handle (@branzburg)



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