I periodically create "graphic blog posts," related to the use of technology in education, math, or education in general.

23 April 2012

Let's Flip!


  1. Great comic! Just really wished the teacher was a little more, uhhhh, pleasant to look at!

  2. Glad you liked it! As for the teacher, itry to present a mix of people in my cartoons. Young, older, male female, etc. I kinda liked my choice of an older female teacher who stays up to date on current trends in Ed tech.
    The undeserved stereotype is that they do not!

    1. Love your cartoon, and as one of the older female - two years away from retirement stereotype- who does stay up to date with current Ed tech as much as she can, I appreciate your work. :)

    2. I am also the older female, a deputy principal in a small town in NZ and stay up to date, appreciate your work, and wish we could change the way we looked when we were older, also the looks of the older men!